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Monday, February 17, 2014

Yerbadiablo-It Doesn't Work

Yerbadiablo are an impressively artsy rock and roll band. The thing that makes them special is that their artsiness never comes across as pretentious, or snobbish. No, Yerbadiablo have honed an impressive and beautiful rock and roll sound that finds glory in the little things. Their new record It Doesn't Work is easily capable bringing a smile to your face, not with brutality or fatality, but a certain sheer humanity that unites us all. Every once in a while I stumble upon an album like this, a record that touches into what it simply means to be human.

With a sound that seems to take elements from every subgenre of rock and roll (with more than a few touches of metal and punk) Yerbadiablo do not hesitate in crafting exciting new sounds that define the power that music can have over people. Part of the magic of this is the songwriting, it speaks to me on a fundamental level, often reminiscent of bands like Deep Purple. However, there is something distinctly modern about It Doesn't Work showing that as much as it may pay tribute to its predecessors, this is definitely a product of the 2010's. With a wide open and extraordinarily beautiful sound, this is not the sort of record to be taken lightly.

Filled with deeply passionate lyrics that examine societal problems in a reflective manner we start to grasp the humanity of this record. Yerbadiablo understand social movements, they get the fragility of the human condition and want to save it. This is what seems to push them forward a desire to show the common man the antisystem and bring him back in touch with his roots. Wholly enjoyable and evidence of the enduring power of rock and roll music, It Doesn't Work has rapidly found a place in my heart and I look forward to seeing what Yerbadiablo put out next!

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