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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pale Divine-Cemetery Earth

Southeastern Pennsylvania is a fascinating place. Maybe I just think that because i was raised there, but when you look at the culture, and strangely conformist society that has been built up in the region. This has made for some powerful, and frequently rebellious music. So perhaps I'm biased, but Pale Divine may very well be the best traditional doom metal band since black Sabbath. Now we have been blessed with a rerelease of the bands 2007 classic Cemetery Earth. The sort of record that goes into the deepest parts of the psyche and roars ahead with an undeniable power. Toss in some live tracks and demos and you've got yourself a heavy metal party.

One of the first things that will strike you about Cemetery Earth is the incredible groove that Pale Divine build up throughout their songs. The longer tracks in particular showcase an incredible songwriting ability and allow colossal bottom end. One great example of that is the albums centerpiece, also titled Cemetery Earth. It's the sort of masterwork that trudges on with an incredible power, channeling the inner might and majesty that is usually reserved to giants like Black Sabbath and Trouble. The antediluvian and soul tearing crunch of Pale Divine is incredible. It makes me proud of the metal scene in Southeastern Pennsylvania, that something this good can rise up from where I was raised.

Cemetery Earth is the type of record that doom metal freaks across the globe will become obsessed with. This re-release has it all, one of the bands most significant albums, some of their most exciting live tracks, and striking demos. Over two discs this record is worth many a spin, it allows us a look into the minds of one of the greatest rising forces in doom. Not a lot of bands can capture the heart and imagination in the way that Pale Divine do. Shadow Kingdom Records have done good in producing this collection, paying respect to a band whose primeval power guarantees that their name shall ring proudly for years after they are gone.

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