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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Van Canto-Dawn of the Brave

Van Canto have long had a special place in many a metallers heart as the single most magnificent a cappella group to ever walk the earth. Their new record Dawn of the Brave proves that Van Canto are one of the most distinct, and most talented bands in metal today. No one else has the power, glory, or sheer heavy metal triumph that Van Canto seem to so easily embody. This power metal at its finest, filled with triumphant vocal lines and galloping rhythms. Very different from anything I've heard in a long time, Van Canto have taken their heavy metal crown with this new record.

See, on previous releases I felt like Van Canto was holding something back, that they had not gone all out. Yet from the opening bars of their cover of Final Countdown you know that Van Canto have gotten it together and are now not just an a cappella group, this is a band who are crafting the boundaries of what metal can be. More than that, Van Canto have managed to bring their voices to a new level of heavy metal unity, with more technical, and soul searching lines than they have ever brought forth. While all of the covers are mind warping,  their is a lot to be said for the originals too. The band has improved as songwriters and arrangers, making Dawn of the Brave their best record yet.

Dawn of the Brave is not just a power metal record, it is a statement, a proof of the incredible, and profound power of one of the worlds most exciting bands. Sure, power metal is too a vast extent filled with mediocre bands who sound the same, yet Van Canto are changing the game. These guys are passionate and fun, crafting the kind of music that will ring for generations after they are gone. Fast and furious, Dawn of the Brave goes above and beyond what I thought the band was capable of, and by god is it good. Hold on to your hats, Van Canto may be the band who bring power metal back to the fore!

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