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Monday, February 10, 2014

Mass Infection-For I Am Genocide

Brutal and unapologetic, death metal was never made for the faint of heart. those who worship at the altar of bands like Morbid Angel and Deicide were perhaps never really cut out for mainstream life. Yet for those people there is a plethora of top notch bands, one of the latest and greatest of which is Mass Infection. Their new record For I Am Genocide is nine tracks of apocalyptic metal mayhem turned all the way to the max. Offering no love and no respite, this is not metal for the faint of heart, no, this is metal for death metal warriors, the proud and true who can tolerate the worlds fastest riffs.

One of my favorite aspects of this record is the colossal bottom end, some of the riffs at hand here are simply incredible in their raw brutality. Their is a certain touch of evil to tracks like Maelstrom of Endless Suffering which can not be put into words. The monochromatic, polysyllabic litany of Mass Infections vocalist is punctuated with harsh grunts and unholy shrieks. The way this balances out is impressive and helps to bring circle pit inducing, head banging madness to the fore, showcasing the raw power and dirty looks that trve death metal can have. So, sure, the growls get a bit repetitive after a while, but they are delivered in such a way that it is easily overcome by the bands sheer dedication to brutality.

So, if you want death metal that's dedicated to brutality, hatred, and pure metal magic, then search no more, this is heavy music at its finest, filled with an unapologetic blazing attack that will tear your skull off. Mass Infection get what death metal is about and it blasts along like a sort of bone grinding metal attack. For I Am Genocide is the sort of throat tearing record that make up the meat and potatoes of death metal. Not a lot of bands understand the bleak nad hate filled messages that Mass Infection communicate and almost none do it with such verve and passion. Let your hair fly, it is time for the metal attack!

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