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Monday, February 10, 2014

Quintessence of Versatility-Reveal the Truth

What? Pummeling extreme metal with incredibly harsh growls and powerful deathcore grooves? Well, my day just got a whole lot better. Quintessence of Versatility is the kind of band who bring the rage in a way that few of their competitors could ever dream of. Touring furiously since 2008, these Frenchmen have honed a fine and powerful sound. Their new record, Reveal the Truth is a tight five song EP which captures the magic of the band and leaves you begging for more.

One of the most impressive aspects of this EP, and the Quintessence of Versatility sound in general is the huge bottom end that the band is able to bring forth. Not a lot of bands can get as crushingly heave as Quintessence of Versatility do. Furthermore, Reveal the Truth showcases some of the bands best songwriting to date. It very much shows off the new line up and all that the band is capable of. These guys realize that they are a part of something much larger than themselves and embrace it, showing off a sound that is triumphant and unforgiving, metal for the devotee.

So, if you want to get your mosh on, break your skull, and feel the incredible power of deathcore at its finest then look no further. Quintessence of Versatility have put out what it is possibly their best release to date. Reveal the Truth features powerful riffs, a crushing bottom end and a dedication to a genre that many have forsaken as poser territory. Quintessence of Versatility prove that there is an enduring magic to deathcore, and that their unique brand of extreme metal will never die.

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