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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Aristocrats at Le Zèbre de Belleville

So tonight after a long day filming Enorme TV with Unscarred (Where I met Gus G briefly) I left and went to see The Aristocrats rock the house at a venue I had never visited before. Le Zébre de Belleville is  fun and unique place to see a show. I especially liked the gigantic eponymous zebra that hung behind the performers After a decent length interview with Guthrie Govan and a short talk with Bryan Beller about the latest release from Ephel Duath, it was time for the show to start, after a brief, but excellent opening act, The Aristocrats came on ready to rock the house.

Now, I've been to see The Aristocrats before, but that was pretty shortly after they had formed. They mostly kept to the song structures, and while there was jamming it was mostly kept within the confines of the song. Furthermore, the band played a lot of stuff from their members solo records. All of this was cast aside, The Aristocrats have come together and are now more than just some dudes who play technical music. These are jamming lords who are crafting top notch songs that touch the hearts of people. Tonight the band brought forward a new power I had not thought they had.

Throughout their 12 song set their were all manner of fun and games, showing the incredible skill of the band. Be it in their performances of songs using squeeze toys ( I kid you not), or their charming stories that on one occasion resulted in an impromptu Slayer cover. There is an indomitable might to this band that shows that no matter what they can not be stopped. With a set filled with high powered songs and all sorts of wonderful flourishes, these guys are easily among the best in the world at their respective instruments. Seeing The Aristocrats play is a spectacle and a wonderful treat.

Tonight, I witness something incredible, a testament to the fabulous and beautiful power of music. These three gentlemen are musical lords, crafting legendary jams of the sort that will be spoken about for generations. The Aristocrats are more than just a weird and fun jazz fusion band with a twisted sense of humor, they are masters who are finding new paths in the strange and magnificent world of heavy music. Music that could appeal to the masses as well as the jazz enthusiast, this is more than just rock and roll, this is pure and undiluted aural triumph.

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