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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Numph-Theories of Light

Numph is the kind of progressive rock band that explore strange new soundscapes in a way that has never really been done before. Numph have a wonderful way of contrasting dark and light which few of their peers can match up to. The thing is, Numph have a distinct artistic direction, the sort of thing that sets them a solid cut above the competition simply because no one else has their raw potential and talent. There are a lot of exciting things going on in their new record Theories of Light and it makes for some very interesting and inspiring listening.

The way that the band intertwines immaculate keyboard lines with intricate guitar parts is impressive. It creates a massive and layered sound which is easy to fall in love with. The vocals are powerful and well delivered, they often remind me of James Labrie of Dream Theater. One thing I would like to hear more of is the growls. I think they provide a nice contrast to the lush soundscapes that are found on so many of these tracks. The overall songwriting is excellent. Numph have a wonderful way of creating progressions that you simply get lost in. The sound is vast and it is often hard to comprehend the full measure of the beauty that Theories of Light has to offer.

Theories of Light is an album that merits many a listen. It is hard to really comprehend the immensity of the travail behind this record. Numph have created a progressive masterpiece, the kind that will go down in legend as evidence of the all consuming power and overwhelming beauty of the genre. When you consider this group is only a four piece it becomes all the more impressive. Numph have found a strange and remarkable beauty within themselves and now are sharing it with the world, all I can say is, dig in and enjoy the show!

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