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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Aphonic Threnody

Immortal in Death cover art

Aphonic Threnody is doom metal in the purest and most cataclysmic sense of the word. Fueled by a supremely bitter and very primal growl, this is the kind of doom band who capture the heart and then drag it to hell. Incredibly emotional in their raw heaviness, this is what doom should be about. The riffs here are simply top notch, clearly defined and ready to support a colossal bottom end. The groups twenty minute long opus provides a beautiful look into the bleak world of funeral doom. Yet somehow, there is a triumphant, otherworldly beauty to be had here. This is a doom band to be sure, but its not one that leaves you desperate, searching for an answer. The one thing that really sets them apart is their use of miscellaneous sounds, like bells, and ethereal keyboard lines to add flavor to the sound. Aphonic Threnody is more than just doom metal this is a group that reveals the terrors of existence, yet also seems in touch with the beauty of life. Built on contradictions the future seems bright for the gloomy world of Aphonic Threnody.

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