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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Colossus is one of those death metal bands who trade it all for brutality, yet manage to not come off ridiculous, but instead pure and distinctive. To slow down and compromise would be anathema to Colossus, and frankly, it's better that way. Their new record Lobotocracy is a testament to the enduring power of death metal, in all of its technical and roaring glory. Featuring a huge bottom end along with some ferocious growls, this is the kind of record that is easy to fall into. Embrace the tide of evil and you will find the true magic of Lobotocracy.

One of the interesting things about Colossus is the way they embrace modern death metal, yet are far removed from deathcore. Sure some of the riffs share a bit in common with it, but as a whole, this group has their very own vibe. Perhaps this is what makes Lobotocracy so good. It is death metal for the modern man, accessible from the first listen, yet layered enough that after multiple spins you still have stuff to discover. Even the reckless technical fills have their place, helping to fill out the sound and give more flavor to the tracks. Always about to explode into a million pieces, Lobotocracy rides on the edge of chaos and profits as a result of it.

In closing, this is the sort of death metal album which defines the state of the genre in 2014. Interesting and filled with all sorts of tasty riffs, Lobotocracy shows little room for improvement. While there are a few odds and ends I would want to tweak, the general formula for Colossus is delicious and demonstrates, to me at least, the fact that true death metal will never die, but only evolve and bring in new layers of magic. This is the sort of death metal record that sets your heart racing and head banging. Dive off the stage and join the mosh, the time has come for you to thrash.

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