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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pyrrhon-The Mother of Virtues

Pyrrhon are the kind of super technical and vicious technical death metal band who have a sound that is so out there only a select few can really dig into it. The dense production and unholy sounds that roar out of this bands amplifier are hard to put into words. While at first they may sound confused and unorganized, after a few listens you start to grasp the insane technical skill of a band who could put together an album like this. Contrasting trudging evil riffs with flurries of notes this band can only be compared to group like Ulcerate or Behold... the Arctopus,they are simply that good.

The way that this band crafts soundscapes is wholly unique. There is a certain roaring primeval strength behind this record that just makes it interesting it's hard to put the magic of The Mother of Virtues into words, simply because Pyrrhon are so far removed from their peers stylistically. Few bands have the raw talent to play this kind of music, and fewer still go all in like Pyrrhon do. In a demented way, it makes sense that this glorious cesspool of sound would come from New York City. How else could you explain the sick and ferocious riffs on songs like Balkanized? This sort of stuff doesn't come from happy go lucky suburban kids, that's for sure!

In closing, Pyrrhon may very well have broken death metal. The Mother of Virtues is just so darn transcendent, you can't just toss it away or ignore it. No, you have to embrace it, smell the glove, and dig deep within yourself to understand the raw evil of a band who refuse to let their sound be compromised. There are a lot of exciting and interesting layers here, and it's hard to really comprehend them all in just a handful of listens. Yet once you start to delve deeper you find a sort of golden nugget, proof that The Mother of Virtues may very well be one of the best death metal albums of 2014.

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