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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Aurora Borealis-World Shapers

Not a lot of extreme metal bands that started in 1994 are still going, fewer still that have the tasty riffs and unique vision of Aurora Borealis. A band who have put out many strong releases, World Shapers would seem to be their best yet. These guys have never let others tell them how to play or what to do, and this record is further proof of that. Focused on those classic themes of times forgot and the cosmos this is a record that is easy to fall into with its bleak and heart rending soundscapes. More than that, this is an album that reaches out and shows the magic of the ancients to the modern fan.

Part of the joy of World Shapers is in the mythic and vicious growl of Ron Vento. It is not just your regular scream, there is a ferocity here that few of Vento's peers can touch on. It gives a wonderful flavor to the music and further establishes Vento place as the mastermind behind this band. Another thing that I really dig about World Shapers is the guitar riffs. They provide a perfect mix of black metals speed with thrash metal ferocity. On top of that is a healthy dose of chunky death metal magic, helping to keep World Shapers worth many a spin as you dig deeper into the impressive layers of riffs and triumphant songwriting that gives this record its backbone.

Many of you may not have heard of Aurora Borealis before, and let me tell you, you need to delve deeper into this group. Aurora Borealis have an incredible pedigree and are simply too good to be taken lightly. Filled with screaming riffs and some truly top notch production, this may very well be the record that breaks Aurora Borealis to the death metal loving community, they certainly deserve it. Replete with all sorts of unique ideas and some very cool, thought provoking riffs, World Shapers is if nothing else, a death metal record for the ages.

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