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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Menace-Impact Velocity

Mitch Harris is a mythic and legendary figure. For almost thirty years he has been a leading figure in the underground, since the very early days with Napalm Death, blasting as fast as he could across the globe. This man is simply a legend, and so when he says "It is the result of my life's work" you know its time to sit up and pay attention. This new record Impact Velocity defies genres as it soars forward, ready to capture the hearts of heavy music fans across the globe. Considering the clean vocals and slower songs, this may not be what the average fan expected, yet it sounds so incredibly good.

It becomes immediately apparent from the first track that Impact Velocity is not an album to be taken lightly. It has an all star line up featuring members of a swathe of simply legendary bands and this helps to demonstrate the enduring power of this kind of music. If I were to even attempt to give a genre to Menace I'd call it hard rock, yet there are so many layers and such unique structures that you need to realize that Menace is more than that. Menace transcend rock and roll with a sound that brings in years of experience to form something greater, something more. This is not a band who will back down easily or change their sound, Menace has a clear artistic direction and by god is it good.

Impact Velocity  has an incredibly varied sound that requires many a spin to really dig in to. This record gives the impression that Menace will not just be a one off studio project, their are enough good ideas here to not just make me want a sequel, but actually think one is neccesary. Menace have created something too pure, too reflective of humanity, simply too good to be forgotten. Who would have thought that Mitch Harris's crowning achievement would not be in the world of extreme metal? Yet if this is his crowning achievement, then Harris has created something which can make him be very, very, proud.

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