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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Barrakuda and Jailbreak in Paris

Another night, another show, it had been a week since I last saw a show and I thought it was time to stumble on out to another. Heads banged, beer quaffed, and a good time had all around as I hung out with old friends and new in a general old school heavy metal apocalypse. Prepared for a night full of guitar solos and headbanging madness the local hard rock and heavy metal faithful gathered around Les Cariatides and let their hair down. The time had come to let ourselves loose and get bodies moving and shaking, hard rock hallelujah's were shouted, and we descended to the basement of the bar.

The first band to come on was my friends in Barrakuda. This was a fun show to say the least. I've always thought the bands singer was a touch insane, and tonight I may have had proof. Playing a combination of tracks off their EP and exciting new pieces this group was a thrill to see live. By the end of their forty five minute set all the band members were sweaty and broken glass lay across the floor. This is a band who understand the magic of rock and roll and seek to bring the madness to the common man. As their singer prances excitedly around the stage, you start to realize, Barrakuda are on to something, this is a band who get at, who truly understand the spirit of rock and roll music.

Up next, was the ultimate band of the night Jailbreak, a tight AC/DC cover band. (Yes there were only two bands tonight, yes I was disappointed). This group really got to the spirit of AC/DC and their singer has pipes that are simply to die for. Capturing the magic of the band, from every party of their career from 1973 to modern day, this was rock and roll at its finest. People were dancing and singing along, a true triumph of heavy metal mania. Suffice to say, Jailbreak are a blast to see live and I for one would be thrilled to get to see them again. Their setlist was filled with classics and as they closed out with Whole Lotta Rosie the audience was left to consider the enduring of one of the worlds greatest rock bands.

In closing, sure tonight was in a small club, but something special was found. Their was a wonderful sense of unity and beauty here that touched on the eternal magic of hard rock. Barrakuda, who insisted on having the crowd chant their name, started the night off night. Insane in their energy and willing to do anything to put on a good show, these guys are worthy of seeing again. Meanwhile Jailbreak proved to be one of the best AC/DC cover bands I've ever seen (And I've seen a good handful) and left me begging for more. Hard rock at it's finest, be sure to check out both of these acts as soon as they come to your local metal concert hall!

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