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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bushfire-Heal Thy Self

Heal Thy Self cover art

Bushfire are a crushing and powerful metal group from Germany. With a decidedly bluesy sound and more than a few nods to their heavy rock ancestry, their new record Heal Thy Self is a shocking new way to approach rock and roll music. Filled with chunky fills that are reminiscent of groups like Crowbar, or maybe even Black Label Society this is a group who take it all in and have thus been able to embrace a powerful and heart stomping sound that gets at the true immortal spirit of what heavy music is really supposed to be about.

The thing that really gets me with Heal Thy Self is simply how darn groovy it is. The chugging might of these songs is not something to be taken lightly. The riffs are ridiculously tasty, they embody the sort of divine rock and roll that makes the genre worth loving. The vocals are another thing that really give this album a distinct vibe. The groups singer alternates between metal growls, bluesy chants, and all manner of shouts and incantations. This helps to give a sort of all encompassing and almost universal feel to Heal Thy Self, bringing out the best in the groups unique brand of oh so heavy blues rock. This is what hard grooving below the belt rock and roll is supposed to sound like!

Heal Thy Self is simply one of the coolest and most exciting records that I have heard in months. Rock and roll seems to be making a comeback in 2014 and along with bands like Supercharger and Jackson Firebird, Bushfire seem like they will be on the fore of this new movement. Dedicated to grooves and bound to capture the hearts of thousands of fans Bushfire bring something new and exciting to the dominating world of rock and roll music. Sit back, turn it up, and let's go, Heal Thy Self is a blues metal masterpiece for the ages!

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