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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blood Mortized-The Demon, The Angel, The Disease

I have long had a bloody allegiance to Swedish death metal, I worship at the feet of bands like Entombed with their roaring and unholy grooves. Now we have Blood Mortized, one of the latest and greatest Swedish Death Metal bands whose new record The Demon, The Angel, The Disease is guaranteed to crush all posers in its fist and strangle all of the weak. Their is no mercy in this record, and listeners go in expecting none. Blood Mortized embody the magic of death metal, not just in their huge beards or long hair, but crazed dedication to all that is heavy.

One of the things that really helps to make Blood Mortized magical is their sense of groove. A great example of this is found in the track Barbarian Lust. Yet this is no easy to listen too Lamb of God type groove. No, this is a Swedish death metal one, covered in blood and ready to rip out the throats of its enemies. Another element that really gets me with The Demon, The Angel, The Disease is the growls, they are full bodied and pregnant with hatred. Not the sort to be taken lightly, the bands vocalist Mattias Parkkila helps to give a sense of legitimacy and pure heavy metal destruction to the sound. This is of course wonderfully contrasted by top notch guitar solos that help to add more flavor and beauty to the music.

Death metal that will make your heart race and your head spin Blood Mortized have created something truly great with this new record. Worth many a spin, The Demon, The Angel, The Disease has a wonderful depth to it, keeping the listener engaged throughout. Rife with exciting ideas, but never bothering to become polished or refined this is what Swedish Death Metal is all about, pure nihilistic holocaust, utter destruction, and a frozen hatred for all around us. Brothers and sisters prepare yourselves, Blood Mortized is here for your throat!

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