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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Holy Moses-Redefined Mayhem

Holy Moses have been around for years, nay, decades. This is not just another metal band, nor is this a group who you have changed their sound to appease fans. No, Holy Moses have been at the cutting edge of thrash metal for years, and their new record, Redefined Mayhem is simply a crowning jewel in the bands impressive legacy of torment, fear and burning hate. When you hear the band rage through these tracks, it's hard to believe that they started all the way back in 1981. Yet there is the burning and  powerful spirit of the underground on display here, and by god it will never die.

Even from the first listen the raw aggression and power of Holy Moses is clear. These guys are back and ferocious. Now more than ever Sabina Classen seems aware that she is the true queen of thrash metal. Her voice is harsher and more aggressive than on previous records and the male backing vocals up the ante of destructive metal madness. There is a certain unholy might to be had here that showcases not only the power of thrash metal as a genre, but also these musicians simply as players. They can soar forward in a way that few of their contemporaries dare touch on, suffice to say they are one of the most exciting bands from the 80's who are still around today.

Redefined Mayhem, is simply that, redefined mayhem. Even when people say that Holy Moses is old our outdated they come out and release a record like this, blistering neothrash that the uninitiated might have come from a group of Nylithia and Vektor worshippers. This is a thrash metal record that gets to the spirit of the genre and drives the whole thing forward. Prepare to bang your head against the stage, Holy Moses has seen us bonded by blood and there will be no stopping these legendary heavy metal masters as they continue to rise!

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