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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Graviators-Motherload

The Graviators are the kind of trudging doom metal act that few people can really seek to compare too. This is the sort of band who are held together not by metronomes or regular meter, but sheer empathy. The riffs here have a very primal and almost personal strength that allows tracks like Narrow Minded Bastards to really stand out and showcase the magic of this group. Their new record Motherload is not the sort of thing you just listen to, but more something you feel, a complete sensory experience that seems to go on and on, a triumph in the world of sludgy hard rock.

The thing about this record that gets me excited is the way that they are combining these modern doom elements with the true spirit of 70s hard rock. In one song you hear Sabbath and Thin Lizzy riffs dueling side by side, and somehow working to create something magical. The Graviators are very much in touch with their roots and it allows them to rock harder and louder than their peers. Furthermore, these songs really lay it all on the line for the riffs. In many cases, this might be less than ideal, but The Graviators have such a sense of Gravitas that their Sabbath inspired trudge comes along as passionate and mighty, driving things forward with an impressive roar.

Stoner metal madness at its finest, this is the sort of album that grabs your heart in a unique and powerful way. Motherload forces your body into some form of unholy and twisted motion, rocking and rolling for its nine track duration. The beauty of this record lies in how it gives you a sense of completeness, the final track, the thirteen minute plus Druid's Ritual provides the perfect endcap to this masterpiece, leaving the listener gently and preparing them to go back into the world beyond the unholy and majestic soundscapes of Motherload that never truly leave the mind.

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