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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Ferium is a top notch death metal band from Israel, a country who seem to be harvesting quite the scene. This groups new record Reflections is a testament to the bitter power of death metal in its most aggressive and primal form. There is no true respite from the bone melting crush of Ferium, there iron bladed attack will twist into your gut like a knife. Brutal and unrelenting, this is what death metal is supposed to sound like. Do not expect to find comfort in Ferium, only a sort of unholy solace, finding ascension through a veneer of magical brutality.

One of the first things that will catch your ear about Ferium is the power of their groove. It draws you in right away and gets your head banging, a windmill for the dark minions of metal. Adding to the enchantment are the wonderfully harsh screams, they bring an almost Randy Blythe like feel to the sound. This guy knows how to use his voice to its fullest extent and it really sets Ferium apart. The raw power on songs like The Very Existence is impressive to say the least and easily entraps the listener in undulating waves of heavy metal madness. Hectic and magical, Reflections captures the heart and leaves no easy way out from twelve tracks of destruction.

So as this world collapses around us, with World War Three seeming set to break out, and nuclear weapons being a frightening possibility, I know one thing. Ferium and their ilk will stand strong. No matter what, men like these will fight on with the rage of demons, extolling death metal decay wherever man may walk. This band gets at the spirit of the underground and rips out its bloody heart for the masses to see. Prepare to headbang my friends, death and destruction are the meat and potatoes for Reflections and prove Ferium may be Israels best up and coming metal band.

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