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Saturday, March 22, 2014


The Valley Of Cut Tongues cover art

Ferocious and unforgiving, these are two adjectives that should describe any death metal record you listen too. Furthermore, you could make a strong case that death metal should be ready to stand strong with bold beliefs that most are too scared to share. Well, it would seem that Odem succeeds on all of those fronts and more. Driven forth into anarchy by raging blast beats, Odem have an incredible drive behind their sound, this ability to rage in a way that none of their peers can. Meanwhile, the band also has a ferocious lead singer, a man who rips up sound from the darkest pits of hell and puts them on display. Odem will grab you by your manky hair and beat your head into the stage until you are dead. There is no respite from this group and the terrors they commit, this is what death metal is meant to be, Odem understand the spirit of the genre and seem to be bringing it to the people. Prepare yourselves for the mosh pits of your lives, this band will only get bigger, and soon they will be at your throat!

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