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Saturday, March 22, 2014


I recently penned an article for some webzine or another about how Pennsylvania (And especially the Philadelphia area) has the best death metal scene in the world right now. Yet one of the bands I missed out on was Fisthammer, let's just say, I wholly regret this. Their new record is simply excellent, a raging testament to the enduring power of death metal, turned up to eleven and unwilling to compromise. Fast and furious, Infallible is death metal of the highest quality. Alternating between powerful progressive parts and riff heavy death metal, there is no escape from the mind altering crush of this band.

The thing about this record is that Fisthammer combine a variety of ideas to really get something spectacularly exciting. There are melodic parts, and acoustic parts, yet they all quail beneath an earth shattering death metal attack. The chunky riffing is found from the beginning of the record and allows the listener to latch on and dig into the hyper speed holocaust of Infallible. Here's the thing though, even though Infallible uses some elements that are very typical of death metal in the 2010's there is a definite old school feel on hand here. This reminds of groups like Rivers of Nihil (Who are coincidentally, from the same area) which fuse the best of the old with the new to create a headbanging masterpiece. 

Really, that's what Infallible is, a heavy metal masterpiece. A triumphant tribute to the all encompassing power of the genre and a monolith of inhumanity, there is no escape from the crushing riffs and undeniable destruction behind this album. The wealth of innovative ideas here is impressive and as Fisthammer evolves I can only see them getting better. Infallible is easily in the running for best death metal album of the year, and Fisthammer seem set to be this generations Decapitated. Prepare yourselves my metal brethren, Fisthammer are riding a storm is coming straight from the bowels of hell.

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