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Friday, March 21, 2014

Mekong Delta-In a Mirror Darkly

Mekong Delta is an innovative and exciting progressive metal band. Their unique mixture of thrash metal with more technical and nerdy prog elements is exciting and brings forth promising new fields in both genres. Their new record In A Mirror Darkly is simply groundbreaking, showing off a new blend of styles that showcases the bands own unique taste on what neo thrash can be. Filled with ferocious vocals and all sorts of exciting twists and turns, In A Mirror Darkly boggles the mind and leaves the listener begging for more as they spin it again, and again, and again.

See, the thing that really gets me into this record is the way that Mekong Delta essentially smash a whole mess of classical and jazz elements into a thrash metal template to see what comes out. In this Large Hadron Collider of genres anything can happen, and here Mekong Delta manage to come out on top. In A Mirror Darkly has the unique ability to combine a variety of exciting concepts into one streamlined whole. The end result of this is a record that embodies the madness of thrash metal and the beauty of prog, an album that has opened up a brave new world of sound and exposes it to the listener, showing them no respite from this fire hose of innovative ideas.

Mekong Delta have done it, putting out what is probably the album of their careers. For almost thirty tears they have been pushing out promising records, yet I must say, this is the best. Melodic and mind melting mastery at its mightiest Mekong Delta may finally get the recognition they deserve. An album that requires many a spin to fully understand, Mekong Delta are doing something exciting and fun. I feel like in a live context it would be even better with the band jamming ahead, metal until they die. Exciting and passionate all I can say is, when is the next album?

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