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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frozen Dawn-Those of the Cursed Light

Frozen Dawn, now that is a band name worthy of true sons of the north. Their unique brand of hard hitting and honest black metal is frostbitten to the extreme, capturing the roaring magic of the genre. As you fall into the blizzard that is their new record Those of the Cursed Light you start to realize, black metal is a lifestyle and it will capture your heart in a way few other genres can. The unholy shrieks that embody the Frozen Dawn sound are to die for and showcase the fact that true black metal will never die. Prepare yourselves brethren, the unholy winter is upon us!

At first, you wonder how this band could have gotten such a honed sound, then you realize they've been around since good old 2006. Suddenly these Spaniards (Yes, Frozen Dawn is from Spain) ability to rip out some of the most powerful black metal tunes of the decade becomes more justified. See, Those of the Cursed Light is a very mature record and clearly made by a group of experienced and extremely dedicated black metal musicians. Everything about this record screams black metal from the cover, to the song titles, to the very music within. It creates a sort of immersive metal masterpiece with soundscapes that are impossible to escape from.

Burbling and twisted, Those of the Cursed Light gets at the central magic and message of black metal. It gets the listener engaged and encourages them to think. As I sit here listening to Those of the Cursed Light for the umpteenth time I find that there is something magical in this music. That years of work and toil have built into something magnificently bleak and evil. This may very well be the most frostbitten record of the year, and all I can say now is gather the snow around you, we may freeze to death, but at least we will all die together.

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