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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Locomuerte-Traicion Bendicion

Spanish language hardcore from France. It takes all types! Locomuerte are some of the greatest new hardcore hopes from a country who has a thriving scene. These guys have a vicious and off the wall sound that is fun to get into and guaranteed to get a mosh pit started. Violent to an extreme, Locomuerte revel in destruction and gore. Blazing fast and rife with a true punk energy their new record Traicion Bendicion is a blast to listen too. Ferocious and bloody, after spinning this album all I can say of Locomuerte is, when do I get to see them live?

I think the thing that really gets me into this record is the incredible energy extolled by the groups lead singer. There unique brand of 'Cholo loco Hardcore' is frighteningly fast and will get your head banging and body moving. The high pitched and maniacal shrieks of the bands lead singer immediately get you into the music. The fact that the frontman of the group may very well be insane gives a sort of perverse appeal to the band. Their tight and chunky rhythms add a thrash metal bite to the attack and help to draw in a metal crowd. The ferocity here is easy to underestimate, but it really gives the album the magic that makes it special and frankly, pretty fun to hear.

Traicion Bendicion is surprisingly exciting and brings out some really cool and innovative ideas. Spanish has always been a great language for hardcore and thrash metal, Locomuerte are just continuing the legendary tradition. Filled with delicious riffs and pounding grooves this album is simply a crock pot of good vibes. So dig in and take a bite. Locomuerte are serving it hard and heavy, hardcore for the modern man, this is one of the most exciting records in the genre to come out in years. Now being repped by Dooweet, I'm excited to hear how Locomuerte evolve in the next few years!

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