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Friday, March 7, 2014

Gaped-The Murderous Inception

There aren't a lot of one man death metal projects out there, or at least nowhere near as many as their are black metal ones. Yet those that we do have stand out for being brutal, evil, and turned up to the max. Gaped is a studio project that proves no exception to the rule. Gaped's new EP The Murderous Inception is six tasty death metal tracks (admittedly one is a cover) that roar out of the speakers and into your ears, showing a tower record capturing the sounds of bands like Cannibal Corpse and Aeon, this is brutal death metal at it's finest.

A large part of the joy I get from Gaped is how the bands mastermind, Ryan Huthnance, seems to revel in the gore. There are lines here that are so gory, so screwed up, so simply demented that they will make even the hoariest old death metal fan cringe. Huthnance gets the evil of gore metal and by god does he love it. Furthermore, some of the guitar parts here are to die for. Replete with meaty riffs, beautiful blast beats and growls that decimate ear drums Gaped will tear your throat out. Another aspect to this record that I really enjoy digging in to is the colossal bottom end, the bass lines provide a delicious basis for the rest of the sound and further demonstrate the power of Huthnance's songwriting

In closing, The Muderous Inception is not a record to be taken lightly, it is an album that proves gore metal will never die. Oftentimes I think of gore metal as a bored, tired out genre, and then a band like Gaped comes along and blows me out of the water. This is not an album to be taken lightly, it is a collection that will leave you battered and broken, a slave to a man who can tear riffs out of the bowels of hell. Ryan Huthnance may very well be this generations Glen Benton. With The Murderous Inception what can I say other than come on in, the blood is fine!

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