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Friday, March 7, 2014

Inner Reflections-Reset

I first got to check out Inner Reflections a little more than a week ago on a bill with some other local French bands. At their show I got lucky enough to be given a copy of their debut album Reset, this record is more than just your average French heavy metal album. There is a lot of cool stuff and unique ideas going on here that give a wonderful taste to the music. This is modern metal at tis finest, unafraid of brutality, yet finely polished and refined, showcasing the might of this genre. Wholly enjoyable, the ten songs of Reset show a way forward in an uncertain era for metal.

The appeal of Reset lies in the sheer polish, this is heavy metal that is easy to latch on to. The sheen of Inner Reflections creates a sort of Judas Priest vibe, even though the band sounds nothing like the Priest. What I mean is that Inner Reflections seems to be made up of metal machines, roaring across the land on a wave of blast beats and guitar solos. This is the kind of tight metal madness that will soar for years on after the band is gone. While their song writing and some of their ideas could be further developed the germ of an idea is strong. While this is clearly only an initial effort these guys are clearly talented musicians and I think they could rapidly develop into metal gods.

Inner Reflections is not a band to be taken lightly, they have a fresh approach that nevertheless grows from its predecessors in a poignant, natural, way. Reset establishes the basis of what will be the Inner Reflections sound. So sure, its not always as exciting as the new record from Killswitch or Threat Signal, but the seed is their, with both of those bands the first record was not the one that drove them to the top. This is Inner Reflections Hell Awaits their coming out, and by god, prepare yourselves, because this band is a force that will never be stopped!

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