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Friday, March 21, 2014

Prong-Ruining Lives

Prong is one of those bands that I've heard about for a long time, yet never really dug into. Then I got their new record Ruining Lives to review and I figured I would check it. Let's just say, I now regret years of ignorance, this is a band who craft unique and powerful metal songs made from a mix of styles. The way that they get at their unique brand of heavy metal is interesting to say the least and showcases the eternal might of this group of musicians. Capable of touching the heart and then beating the listener into a pulp, this is what heavy metal should sound like.

One of the first things that struck me about this record is the power of the vocals and the way that they nicely slot over breakneck rhythms. The singing is melodic, but has an incredible energy behind, giving an almost punk feel to some of the tracks. Meanwhile, the blaring attack of Tony Campos on bass is impressive, as always. One of the most talented bassists in metal, it is always a pleasure to hear him rip open the speakers as he does on Ruining Lives. The diversity of the songwriting is another element that really brings me into the music. Prong have an incredible ability to merge styles in such a way that they can dance between genres and yet leave the listener with a sense of completeness.

In closing, Ruining Lives may well have just ruined mine. I am now addicted to Prong's catchy choruses, pulsing rhythms and dedication to headbanging madness. These songs are worth many a spin and will force your body into a sort of unholy motion, a dance of the dead as you worship the eternal and primal might of Prong. Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen (Well lets face it, mostly gentlemen), this may be one of the best metal records of 2014. Addictive and fun, this album proves the enduring and mystical might of one of metals most fascinating bands.

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