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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kari Rueslatten-Time To Tell

Kari Rueslatten has the most beautiful voice in music. Now that that's out of the way, we can start digging into her new record Time To Tell an acoustic masterwork featuring Nightwish's legendary Tuomas Holopainen. Filled with wonderful songs and tear jerking melodies, Kari is allowed to shine and show that she is in fact the voice of a generation, the most gifted and glorious singer that I have ever heard. Kari Rueslatten is taking the entire genre of modern folk music to a new level simply because no one else has a voice like hers.

Yet, the beauty of her voice is not the only thing that sets this record apart. Kari's remarkable pipes would be diminished if they weren't being supported by some excellent instrumental backing compositions. These tracks all get a touch of magic through the layers of acoustic guitars and gently plinking piano lines. Though the soundscapes are usually fairly simple they are always incredibly beautiful land easy to get lost in. A sort of antidiluvian might is tapped into here and gives the music a new breadth. A final magnificent aspect I would like to touch on is the occasional touches of male vocals, and though they may not come too frequently, I feel like they add a lot to the music and keep things exciting.

Time To Tell is an album that really gets at the pure beauty and magic that all of music should have. This album makes me want to cry, it is simply that good, Kari's voice shines above the rest in a way that goes beyond words. With a fascinating mixture of emotions, though usually resting on melancholy or sadness, Time To Tell is worth many a spin. There are simply so many triumphant layers here that as you dig deeper into it you are simply blown away by the immensity of the work. So sit down and let the music wash over you, this is easily one of the top ten records of 2014.

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