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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Mire is an interesting new prog band who have a very much Dream Theater inspired sound. Their new record Inward/Outward is a powerful debut and a testament to the enduring power of progressive music. Using immaculate soundscapes and stunning levels of energy Inward/Outward gets at a new level of prog, honoring its antecedents but also bringing the genre to a new realm with some exciting ideas that, with further development, could allow Mire to rise up and become true lords of their genre, Canadas new progressive metal masters.

It's interesting for me that Mire bill their sound as "Hi-Energy Prog Rock" this rather clunky title, nevertheless clearly communicates what the group is all about. Even through the drawn out instrumental parts their is an incredible drive here, a sort of forward motion that gives Mire the energy they need to truly succeed. This is just a part of some simply great songwriting. The way that these pieces evolve is interesting and unique. Each track has a dynamic new progression and it really boggle the mind. One thing I especially dig is the use of drums which seem to have a much greater roll on Inward/Outward than they might on a lot of other records in the genre.

As a whole, Mire have done something pretty special with this release. Showing that good things can come from Canada, Inward/Outward is some of the most thrilling and catchy prog I have heard in a while. Transcending trends like djent and this new wave of old school worship Mire make progressive metal the way it was meant to be played, with an energy seemingly torn from hell. Stick this on your speakers, crack a 2-4 (The best way to drink Canadian beer eh) and enjoy, worth many a spin Inward/Outward is an incredibly promising and very exciting debut album.

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