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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Midday Committee-Girls in Open C

Longtime readers know that I have something of a weak spot for pop punk. Something about the very natural vocal lines and simple guitar riffs reminds me of the music of my childhood. Midday Committee though are something more, something greater. Using unique tunings and all sorts of interesting songwriting twists and turns, this band have gone to become something more than just another pop punk group. Instead they are triumphant masters of a genre that many have left behind. Their new EP Girls in Open C is the most exciting thing to happen in pop punk in years.

From the first its clear that these guys have a great understanding of melody. The way that the vocals layer on top of high powered riffs on these tracks is impressive. Filled with a vibrant energy it's simply fun to listen too Midday Committee rip on their guitars and get bodies moving. Sure it isn't super intelligent black metal, or totally brutal death metal, but it's still good. See, Midday Committee are singing the songs of the people, getting at the struggles of the common man in a universally acceptable sound. I think this is what's going to really set these guys apart in future years. The fact of the matter is few bands are as simply human as Midday Committee.

Now normally with EP's I complain about them not being long enough and not giving the band enough time to really develop their ideas. Well, this may just be the exception that proves the rule. Girls in Open C is simply the perfect length, leaving the listener feeling complete and whole. The riffs are a joy to listen too, but they don't overstay their welcome. Worth quite a few spins and many a smile Girls in Open C is good vibes in music form. Midday Committee understand the pure magic of pop punk and bring it straight to the listener, this is the friendliest frontier of rock and roll, so come on and join the fun!

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