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Monday, March 31, 2014

Multinational Corporations-Jamat-al-Maut

Multinational Corporations is a wonderful grindcore group from Pakistan who worship old school grind and the sheer primitive brutality that it represents. Named for one of the classic tracks off Napalm Death's Scum this is a band who understand that magical brutal power of true grindcore. There new EP, Jamat-al-Maut is eight tracks of blazing grind madness, disappointingly short, but wonderfully brutal, Multinational Corporations gets to the spirit of grindcore and all it represents in a profound and beautiful way.

See, Multinational Corporations have an excellent grasp of some of the key tenets of grind. The way that they mix blazing bits with more slowed down groove moments showcases a wonderful understanding of how a grind record should be put together. These songs also get at some of the key moral tenets of grindcore, anarchist and very anti-big business. Multinational Corporations understand what grindcore should be about and embody the spirit of it in every aspect of their music, ascension through primitive brutality.

In conclusion, Jamat-al-Maut is one of the greatest traditional grindcore records that I have heard in a good long while and their stunning dedication to the genre makes their new EP worth many a spin. While it is terrifyingly short, it is still easy to dig into this record, and a joy to spin it again and again, and yet again. Not only will this record get your body moving, it will open up your mind, force you to think, and realize the lies that have been force fed us by a broken world. Open your heart, discover the power of your mind, listen to Jamat-al-Maut.

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