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Thursday, April 3, 2014

All Dogmas We Hate-Human Wrath

All Dogmas We Hate have long been one of the premier proggy deathcore groups in France, veritable lords of an exciting and wonderfully twisted scene. All Dogmas We Hate have put out something strangely remarkable with their new full length, Human Wrath, it mixes in a few djent elements to an overall deathcore attack to get something that is technical, progressive, and also easy to listen too. It makes for an album that keeps the listener interested because it simply operates on so many levels, a product of excellent production and even better songwriting.

When you really start to dig into the songwriting here you start o get a sense for how simply impressive All Dogmas We Hate are as a unit. The way that the songs are structure is really promising, showcasing djenty riffs alongside more standard death metal ones. The angular attack of songs like Total Eclipse will thrash your body into a sort of unholy motion. The bottom end here is colossal, it gives the group a primal power that resonates within the core of your being. Yet this is contrasted by wonderful soaring guitar lines, bringing an almost atmospheric aura into the sound and granting the entire album a nearly transcendent quality, going beyond proggy deathcore to become something more.

In closing, Human Wrath is an exciting release filled to the brim with exciting riff ideas and innovative songwriting. While All Dogmas We Hate are certainly aware of the maxims of deathcore, it does not seem to limit their sound or prevent them from innovating. Their combination of ideas from a variety of genres makes for a record that is as good as it is diverse, something you can really dig into and headbang along with. I think that while this band could still evolve a bit more and take out all elements of mainstream metal, they are well along the path of becoming the new French metal gods.

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