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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Australia is not exactly known for its blackened death metal, Eskhaton aim to change that. This is no nonsense blackened death metal of the most kvlt degree. Influenced by the distortions of space time and death this is a group who will tear your ears off with a black attack that goes straight for the throat. Their new record Worship Death is a depiction of the unholy and triumphant magic of all powerful black metal. Eskhaton will rip your lungs out with a screeching attack that will never stop. Eskhaton tend more towards the black metal end of the spectrum with blazing riffs that sear themselves into your mind. The death metal fringes of Eskhatons sound are remarkable, they add a violent touch to an unholy sound, furthering the darkness within. Blackened death metal lovers across the globe rejoice, Worship Death is a landmark record, something that will force in your eyeballs and tear off your lips. So gather ye blackened masses, and Worship Death.

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