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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Inside the Artist's Head-Filth& Lies

Inside the Artist's Head, now there is an interesting band name. Yet, this group is more than that, Inside the Artist's Head is a veritable death metal force. From the first, their new record Filth & Lies proves to be some of the most exciting hardcore infused death metal to come out in a good long while. Make no mistake though, this group does not conform to the maxims of modern deathcore, to call this group a deathcore band at all would be a mistake unless you meant it in the purest sense of the word. Inside the Artist's Head manage to unite two of my favorite genres into something greater than the sum of its parts.

This is a record that doesn't really play by any specific rules. Inside the Artist's Head do what they want, and come across as something greater. If I was to compare them to anyone, I would say they are almost a heavier Hatebreed. Dishing out social lessons and societal criticisms to a brutarian stomp allow the might of Inside the Artist's Head to really shine. There is a long tradition of top notch extreme bands from Sweden, and Inside the Artist's Head are the latest and greatest. Yet they work with stuff that doesn't really fit within the Swedish scene, they are exploring new ideas that too few of their peers would be willing to touch on, and this allows them to really stand out.

In closing, Inside the Artist's Head aren't going to let themselves be limited or held back by peers who indulge in other genres. This groups unique and profound groove gives them a wonderful humanity, driving Filth & Lies to a new level of brilliance. It makes this record a statement, four songs that speak to the eternal magic of metallic hardcore. There is a real desperation here, an incredible power, headbanging destruction that will tear your throat out and leave you on the floor, bleeding, trying to find a noble escape from the darkness.

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