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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Amon Sethis-The Final Struggle

When I was but a boy, I was really into ancient Egyptian culture and the like. In fact, I wanted to be an Egyptologist. Don't make fun of me, it was a different time. For years I've wanted to hear a truly Egyptian themed band, not just lyrically (We have Nile for that after all) but also musically. The progressive power metal tinged vibes of Amon Sethis perfectly fit the bill with a bombastic and exciting sound that takes the listener on a musical journey, filled with all manner of twists and turns, showcasing the supreme power of ancient Egypt.

See, a lot of local bands try to take on grand concepts, but fail and look kind of silly. This is not the case with Amon Sethis. Already, the singer has a french accent and this helps to make the music seem more exotic than most of their contemporaries. On top of that, he can really belt it with powerful emotional songs that have a simple and indisputable heavy metal magic behind them. Furthermore the melodies used are deliciously Egyptian and really get at the spirit of the nations traditional music. (Got to love that harmonic minor scales) This is perfectly meshed with loud and proud power metal riffs, creating an impressive forward drive that few can compete with.

So, what am I trying to say about Amon Sethis's The Final Struggle? Simply, it is an exciting record that delves into a milieu that is extremely metal in subject matter yet sadly, not often touched on by their contemporaries. Yet Amon Sethis are incredible musicians with a wonderful grasp on what they want to do and this is what drives the sound forward. They have an understanding of metal and ancient Egyptian music and themes that are simply a blast to dig into. So as you fall into the mysterious world of The Final Struggle, put on your best headphones, and get ready for a wild ride, you might just learn something about Egypt on the way!

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