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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bak XIII-In Omnia Paratus

Bak XIII is the kind of group I frankly don't have a lot of experience reviewing, in large part because they are so far 'out there'. There unique take on electronic music and heavy metal creates a match made in heaven, groovy and powerful electro that has a huge bottom end and will force your body into unholy motion. Some sort of bastard child of electronic music and more traditional heavy metal, Bak XIII is still not aggrotech. While there are certainly elements of that I feel like with In Omnia Paratus the band goes beyond that and gets a sound that transcends even EBM.

In Omnia Paratus remains interesting because it feels like the musicians are not willing to be held back by any sort of limitation, thus bringing their unique take on the genre to a whole new level. One of my favorite parts of this record is the vocals, for two main reasons. First, the lyrics have some very well thought out and wonderfully delivered messages. Be they be ones with societal messages like In the Name of Religion or ones turned towards the industry like Radio Star there is a lot to dig into. Then, the French accent of the groups vocalist adds to the fun, and gives the record a unique and distinct flavor, an exotic touch to an already innovative release.

In conclusion, Bak XIII have put out a release for the ages, an album that captures the heart in a fresh and unique way. Catchy and poignant, Bak XIII have a message for the masses, now we just have to see if the masses latch on and listen. In Omnia Paratus is one of the most interesting records I have heard this year and I will definitely be going back into it and trying to uncover new and exciting layers. Put on a good pair of headphones and close your eyes, dig into the music and you might just be surprised by the enduring power of Bak XIII's unique electronic beats.

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