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Friday, April 4, 2014

Idols Plague

Idols Plague is the single most devastating two piece that I have ever heard. Loud, fast, and very loose, this is punk the way it was meant to be played, stripped down and experimental. Idols Plague are uncovering a brave new world of sound with their new record Nursery Crimes. (Hey, isn't that also a Genesis album?) The point being, Idols Plague are bringing something really new and exciting to the world of punk. Fusing groovegrind, hardcore, thrash, and a touch of experimental music Idols Plague turn into a group who are exciting and dominant, punk that will tear your throat out. Idols Plague will make you want to bash your head through the computer screen and discover a strange new world of sound and destruction, few bands have the guts to be this innovative and Idols Plague embody this skull crunching magic. One of the best punk bands to come off the West Coast in years, I'm excited to see what happens next with these dudes.

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