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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Coyote's Dessert-The Wedding

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the greatest year for good old rock and roll since 1975. The Coyote's Dessert is another great example of the incredible uprising that true rock music has been experiencing lately. Their new record The Wedding is fourteen tracks of rip roaring groovy stoner rock madness. With a huge and diverse set of influences, this Marseille four piece is ready to rock your socks off with a riff driven attack that will get even the most hoary old fan on his feet and ready to join the apocalyptic rock and roll party.

The thing that really attracts me to The Wedding as an artistic statement is the earthy power of the riffs. These guys simply know how to write tight songs built around guitar parts that are simply to die for. The incredible charge of tracks like Rejuvenation shows that The Coyote's Dessert is not a band to be trifled with. As you sink deeper into the undulating and frightening layers that make up this album, you start to realize the primal rage of The Coyote's Dessert. Their is a very French feel here too, a certain element that I find only in French rock, yet I can't really put my finger on what it is exactly, suffice to say, it reflects the roots of the band and helps to make The Wedding a more profound release.

The product of top notch songwriting and a plain and simple dedication to the genre that has ruined all of our lives, I must say, The Coyote's Dessert have impressed me. Filled with layer upon layer of intricate sounds and unique melodies, it's hard to crack this release on first listen, even if it is immediately appealing. I am sure, as I get deeper into the dark mysteries that this group seem to be getting at I will discover strange new planes of reality. But for now, all I will say is that The Coyote's Dessert are triumphant and loud, prepare your body for a rock and roll meltdown.

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