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Friday, April 4, 2014

Burn Everything/Graven/Reckoner Split

Split cover art

A lot of hardcore splits that go three ways follow a common pattern, two good bands and one crappy one. The sad part is that this ruins a lot of split records, for me at least. Fortunately, this new split from Burn Everything, Graven, and Reckoner does not have that problem, instead, it has almost the opposite issue, there are three great bands here and none are give enough time to really develop. Exciting and powerful, Dullest Records have truly put out a split for the ages, one worth many a spin, showcasing some of the East Coasts best hardcore groups.

Here's the thing though, I say this is a hardcore split, but that hardly does it justice, none of these bands can fully be described by the term 'hardcore' each has their own unique take. Burn Everything bring in grind, death metal, and noise elements to their sound, making for something exciting and powerful. Graven have a policy of "No boundaries" which allows them to mix a variety of styles which engage the mind in a strange and exciting new way. Finally, Reckoner have a unique take on the genre, taking elements of Neurosis and Morbid Angel, among others to get an attack that is violent, sludgy and strangely intricate, it will capture your mind and take you on a exciting musical journey.

In conclusion, this is the kind of split you can listen too again and again, and, you know what, spin it again. At just under nineteen minutes long, this is a record you can easily spin at any time. Listening to it two or three times in a day is also pretty feasible, it shows the flexible and exciting nature of this release. Each of these three bands is exciting to delve into, and I certainly have burrowed into discovering these three groups. This is what hardcore is all about, young innovators bringing forth exciting elements from an extreme sound. Prepare to bang your head and stage dive, this is one of the best splits I've heard in months!

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