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Friday, April 4, 2014

Direct Divide

A wonderful new prog act all the way from Seattle, Direct Divide have a layered and complex sound fronted by one of the greatest female voices in her generation. Filled with all sorts of alternative rock magic and unique bass lines, Direct Divide is the sort of band who create soundscapes you can get lost in. This becomes all the more remarkable when you consider the band is only made up of four people. Some of my favorite elements of this groups sound is the heavy use of melodic guitar lines and piano parts. It helps to create a flowing and beautiful atmosphere that I just can't stop listening too. Suffice to say, their new record Bridges is a promising release and speaks to the triumphant glory of this group. Direct Divide are the sort of group who can't help but be interesting, and this makes them unique, the sort of thing you delve into with no confirmation that you will find your way back out. So close your eyes and let go, as the sound washes over you, you too will become a slave to the magic of this group.

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