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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Delain-The Human Contradiction

Delain have long stood out as one of the Netherlands  strongest symphonic metal acts, and one of their best groups period. This new record of their The Human Contradiction is simply more evidence to showcase the enduring power of a band who seem bred to succeed, metal warriors who craft epic and interesting soundscapes built on contrasts of dark and light, male and female, clean and growled. The Human Contradiction is an incredibly interesting listen and will keep any fan of modern metal headbanging and contemplating for many a spin.

From the first this record is engaging because Delain have really come to a new head in their songwriting skill. These compositions are often shorter, but still feel epic in scale. Delain understand how to craft some truly wonderful pieces that engage the listener. The ethereal spin that Delain put on their music is beautiful in its own way. It gives the group a drive and an attack that not a lot of their symphonic metal and goth rock contemporaries can really touch on. Charlotte Wessels has improved her voice too, the performance on The Human Contradiction is easily her best yet and will keep you going for hours. Furthermore, the duality between her voice and the male cleans and growls is very interesting and will keep the listener very engaged.

All in all, The Human Contradiction is Delain really coming into their own as musicians, rising above their past limitations and creating something that really is the voice of the soul. Four albums in Delain have managed to put out a stunning, heart stopping statement that keeps your ears on edge as you take a roller coaster ride across beautiful soundscapes, guided by the soaring might of Ms. Wessels. Prepare yourselves, once this record starts to really get out there it will take the world by storm, Napalm Records have done good getting this band, and now Delain will triumph.

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