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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Unscarred at Le Hangar

Tuesday night, man, this is a weird night to go out to a gig. After seeing the doctor (nothing serious, don't worry beloved readers) it was time to go see Unscarred for the eighth, (ninth?) time. I showed up early and got a nice all access pass. After setting up the merch booth I got to go down and have dinner with the band, who were all very excited to get to open for Biohazard (Of course, I didn't get to stay late enough to check Biohazard out). On my way back in, I was lucky enough to be able to hang out for a few moments with one of their guys ad talk about Brooklyn life.

When Unscarred hit the state at eight thirty, I knew something special was about to go down. They had hired a special sound engineer for this gig and they sounded simply perfect. The incredibly loud roar of the guitars was tighter than ever. Nelly's voice soared louder than I have heard it in a good long while, bringing Unscarred to a new level of metal madness. One special note, their new tracks sound incredible, I especially liked their songs Cross the Line and Refused. The new material is really starting to pull together, and is significantly tighter than ever before. Suffice to say, as a live act Unscarred are pushing new frontiers and among the best in the world right now.

Tonight was a truly special evening. There was a roughly equal number of Biohazard shirts as Unscarred ones. The band is seriously starting to make a big name for themselves on the local scene. People hit the merch stand like mad after the gig, and it showed the sheer passion Unscarred can create. Why, their were even a pair of fans who had come all the way from Belgium to see them. I think the future will only get brighter for one of France's most talented bands, and with a new album on the way, what more could a punter like me ask for?

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