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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Desecration-Cemetery Sickness

A lot of death metal bands these days shy away from absolute and primitive brutality. They claim the sound is too simple and that they want to go beyond it. Rare is the group who fuse this primeval power with something more refined, Desecration are one of the few who do it, and by god they do it well. With a ferocious stomp behind them and punishing growls, this is the kind of death metal band who approach the genre with a license to kill. As you get into the circle pit inducing riffs, right from the first song, you know, there is no escape from Desecrations unholy might.

See, these guys know how to riff, and not only that, they know how to bring a colossal bottom end right below the belt. Desecration don't mess around with your friendly hooks, they just come out with crushing riff after crushing riff, to the point that you feel almost suffocated under the sheer might that this band brings to the table. The grooves here are simply top notch, they get the entire body moving and have a sort of Slayer-like aggression behind them. It's the sort of distinctly evil touch that but a few bands can really grasp onto. It gives all of their new record Cemetery Sickness a very unique vibe, the sort of thing that sets one death metal band apart from a legion of posers.

In conclusion, Cemetery Sickness will crack your skull, it has the kind of destructive hate behind it that makes for an album that will capture the soul. There is an attack here that most bands only can dream about having. Desecration get what it means to play death metal and they are not going to be stopped. Rapidly rising metal gods, I'm excited to hear their evolution over the next couple of years, these guys could very well become the new brutal death metal lords. Let your hair fly and body move, Desecration are here for your head.

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