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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hellgoat-End Of Man

Right off the bat, let me just say, Hellgoat win the award for most metal band name, seriously, Hell and Goats why has no one thought of it before? This sheer metal-ness continues in the rest of their music, making their seven inch End Of Man one of the most terrifying and decimating American black metal releases to come out in a good long while. Though it only has two songs on it, End Of Man feels like so much more because the band is dealing with some truly powerful and antediluvian concepts, the sort of black metal evil which can drive you insane.

From the first screams of Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast (I told you that these guys were super metal) you know that Hellgoat have dragged you in for something special. There is a sort of incarnate evil here that few can touch on. Hellgoat are more than just another black metal band, there is a unfathomable menace that you can't put into words on display. Hellgoat are breaking barriers and smashing in faces, unwilling to compromise and dedicated to all that is evil. Their crushing chords and demolishing attack is not something you just listen too, it takes over your body and leaves you a pathetic victim to all that is gloriously evil.

This brings us to the end of this little review, sadly, there is not nearly enough material on this seven inch to get a full grasp of what Hellgoat is about. Yet this brief exposure has already left me begging for more. This is an album you listen to again and again, not just because it is short, but the darkness within is addictive. The eldritch attraction found here transcends words, but it reminds me of the purity and stripped down soundscapes that attracted me to black metal in the first place. Ferocious and unbending, this is a band who are untamed, and finally unchained, prepare yourselves, Hellgoat are the leaders of the apocalypse.

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