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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Icon of Destruction, Sound of Memories, Zero Negatif and Bleed in Paris

It's Saturday night, regular readers know what this means, another show. While the venue was kind of out of the way and frankly subpar, all four bands I saw gave it their all and gave me reason to see them again. These are all groups who have a prominent role on the French metal scene and it was fun to see them all playing together. Now as I sit in my apartment and listen to my dumb neighbors having a loud and obnoxious party, I cast my mind back, to an evening spent with friends and brethren, metal family time that I wouldn't miss for the world.

First up was Icon of Destruction, a memorable symphonic death metal group who I first saw live a little more than six months ago at Openwall Fest. I was immediately struck by how memorable and powerful some of their songs are. On tracks like Under Darkened Skies as soon as the keyboard kicked in I was taken back to when I first heard them play. It speaks to the enduring power of this group and makes me want to see them again, Icon of Destruction know how to play death metal and bring their crazed attack to the audience on the wings of eagles from hell. One of the most promising Parisian bands, let's just hope they can hold on to one guitarist for more than two gigs.

Sound of Memories were up next and they absolutely killed it. I've seen these guys four or five times live now, but this may have been their best performance from a purely musical perspective. Their singer Flo has come to a much better understanding of how to use his voice and bring the attack to the fore. Meanwhile, the band has employed a lower tuning which allows for the bass parts to really shine through and creates a crushing bottom end. Sound of Memories are always an exciting live band, but tonight they shined brighter than ever before, thus really getting at the true magic of the music. This is a group who don't screw around, they deliver tight, powerful sets you won't soon forget.

The penultimate group was Zero Negatif and I must say their unique blend of nu metal and modern hardcore was pretty interesting. These guys have a unique approach and it was cool to dig into their sound. In particular, their bassist is simply insane, choosing to simply jump into the pit after his bass amp blew out. Overall Zero Negatif have some exciting tracks with a punishing groove and wicked beats. Nevertheless, these guys still could develop their sound a bit more to become truly distinct. As is though, this is a very solid local extreme metal band and longhairs from Ile-De-France should definitely check these guys out live if they get a chance.

Bleed were the final group I got to see and they were even better then when I last saw them in February. A few things struck me here that I didn't even register last time. First off, they have a new bassist, which allowed their singer (Who was having what seems to be his last gig with the band) to be a lot more flexible. The guitar solos are truly impressive, blistering and vicious, filled with all sorts of juicy ideas that will grab your ears. This is a band you need to see live, even if their modern metal looks might suggest the contrary, these guys know how to bring the heavy stuff. Thrash metal to tear your ears out, this group has big things in store for them.

In closing, tonight was one of those shows that just gets at the spirit of the underground. It's not often that you find four bands this good on a bill and it speaks to the talent of Thanatos Productions. Icon of Destruction are simply one of the most memorable groups in the scene right now. Sound of Memories meanwhile have an approach that few bands can mimic, putting them at the top of the local melodic death metal scene. Zero Negatif are interesting to say the least and with some evolution will get at something greater. Lastly, Bleed understand the enduring power of their music and will thrash until death. So we join arms, hair beating violently, a legion of brothers and sisters, all in thrall to the eternal magic of metal.

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