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Monday, April 7, 2014

Gustavo De Beauville

Volume 1 cover art

Gustavo De Beauville, now there is a classy name for a very talented musician. Previously known for his work with The Unravelling this new record shows him fly to  new height, a champion of powerful instrumental music rife with powerful emotions. This all instrumental project allows Gustavo De Beauville to express himself and his music in a simply stunning way. His new record Volume 1 is vast in scope, only comparable to such geniuses as Russian Circles and Tool. There is a deep emotional power to be had here, something that makes this record incredibly engaging. With songs like In A Shaman's Dream Gustavo De Beauville seems to be opening up his soul to us, showing us the magic that these deceptively simple soundscapes can have. This is the product of hours of work, made possible through beautiful production. There are a lot of interesting things I could develop on here, but for now I will just say this, De Beauville is a musical genius, and his heart rending compositions will ring on for years.

Find him on Bandcamp!

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