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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pet the Preacher-The Cave & The Sunlight

Pet the Preacher is one of those Clutch inspired hard rock bands who bring forth huge riffs and might vocals unto the earth in an apocalyptic hard rock attack. The undying magic of Pet the Preacher lies in their ability to construct massive riffs and thus epic soundscapes. This idea is explore throughout their new record, The Cave & The Sunlight showcasing an internal triumph that is the product of hours of hard work and years of a true passion for the music. Pet the Preacher is an outpouring of all this, demonstrating rock and roll will never die.

The dynamic contrast that dominates this record is especially interesting for me, and it defines some of the key tracks. Two in particular would be the momentum building Remains and the epic closer, The Web. It shows the power of Pet the Preacher as a band, in their remarkable ability to contrast dark and light in a way that few of their peers really can. Their is also a very primal groove here that slots in nicely with the very loud and brash vocal lines. It gives the entire record a forward drive that makes it hard to stop listening. This drive is something that is rare to find in heavy music these days, yet the bone crushing lurch of Pet the Preacher captures it perfectly.

A band who are not shy in showing off their influences, but are still coming up with exciting new ideas. Further proof that 2014 is the year rock and roll came back to life The Cave & The Sunlight is intimidating in its heaviness and skull crushing in its desire to bring the music to the fore. Prepare yourselves for a heavy metal meltdown, this is a band who can do it all and whose unique brand of "Heavy Stoner Blues" will ring out years after the band members die. So let yourself be taken in, this is rock and roll, and Chuck Berry knows, it is good!

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