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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nocturnal Breed-Napalm Nights

Nocturnal Breed have been around basically as long as I've been alive, which is a little shocking to consider. With many a release under their belt Nocturnal Breed have always put out quality material. Their new record showcases some crazed, Motorhead derived thrash metal that represents the most blazing and evil thrash supergroup that has risen up over the years.Their new record, Napalm Nights is perhaps their best yet, a record that speaks to the true power of thrash and rips your face off with its unending thrash metal desecration.

One of the first things that struck me about this record was the way that Nocturnal Breed seem to have a sort of primal and beautiful understanding of thrash. The way that the riffs come roaring out of the guitars in songs like Thrashiac showcases the primeval magic of a record that gets into the eternal triumph of thrash metal. These songs rage from start to finish and capture the hearts of the listeners. Something that really stands out about Nocturnal Breed is the use of guitar solos, they add a lot of flavor to the songs and keep listeners engaged and excited, showing a promising new way that titans of the genre approach one of metals most hallowed genres.

A product of tight songwriting and some wonderful production, Napalm Nights will keep any thrash fan engaged for many a spin. Nocturnal Breed are quite clearly metal to the bone and truly represent the Ultra Speed Cult. This is mosh pit music for the masses, thrash metal for the legions of thrashers and soul tearing metal that will kick you in the chest and then bite your throat out. The product of masters, I am excited to hear more from Nocturnal Breed. Napalm Nights stand as the progeny of true metal lords, ready to triumph over all of poserkind.

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