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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A blazing riff shines from the darkness, hair flies, bodies shake, a metal apocalypse descends upon the earth. So it is with Whale, a grinding death metal group from Ventura, California. This is not a band who relax after delivering a mindshattering riff, nor is it one who revels in flashy solos. No, Whale is a death metal band who tear your hair out and leave your battered skull fully separated from your shoulders. There is something deeply disturbing about Whale. There is a sort of bone crushing terror here that reaches into the darkest depths of humanity, plunging into the terrors of the subconscious. Whale are a band who play metal above all else though, unafraid to mix in touches of other genres, a notable one being black metal which seems to have a pretty big influence on a couple of tracks here. If you want to dig into one of the most exciting deathgrind acts of a generation, then Whale is the band for you. Unwilling to limit themselves and incredibly talented, THIS is deathgrind, and by god is it good.

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