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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thundra-Angstens Salt

Thundra is a distinctly interesting Nordic metal band featuring former members of Einherjer and Enslaved. This six piece defies genres and crosses over boundaries, getting something new and exciting, heavy metal that gets at the pagan heart that so many of us love. Thundra understand the pagan ancestry that defines European culture, and they get at the heart of this with their new record Angstens Salt. This is not just an album as much as it is a statement, getting at the ethereal beating heart that true metal has, stirring something deeper and more beautiful within all of us.

The songwriting on this release is especially impressive, it engages the listener and boggles the mind. There are a lot of interesting and creative ideas going on here that pulls me into the magic of Angstens Salt. See, the unique folk vibes that we hear in this release play on nicely with some of the more black metal ideas. It creates engaging soundscapes that take a few listens to really dig into. Thundra is the kind of group who really know what they want to do, and when they delve into something it becomes magical. All of the songs on this record are pretty long, only two tracks are under eight minutes long, and both of those are over six. This extended format really lets the band develop ideas and lets the listener become deeply involved in the music.

Angstens Salt is a very engaging release, and its interesting to see how some of Scandinavia's most legendary metal musicians are spending their time now days. While at first the fact that there are only seven tracks might dissuade you from listening, their extended length and the excellent songwriting that goes into them is very exciting. That being said, it is still pretty clear that this is the bands first record, they still have a lot of evolution to do, but for what it is, Angstens Salt is very impressive. All I can say now is, when do we get to hear a sequel!

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