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Monday, May 5, 2014

IQ-The Road of Bones

A lot of people consider IQ to be an 80s prog also-ran who ended up losing out the trifecta of Fates Warning, Queensryche, and Dream Theater. Except that IQ predates all of them and has a significantly better vocalist than Dream Theater. Nowhere does their impressive skill and stunning songwriting show better than on their new record, The Road of Bones, a release which gets at the spirit of true prog and boggles the mind as you dig in deeper and find the incredible layers of musical madness within. The Road of Bones is a remarkable journey and it will melt your mind.

These Southampton rockers have come to a point in their careers where they essentially have complete freedom. They all have a deep understanding of themselves, and they've already proved they are top notch musicians. Now they drive forward with five songs that engage the mind in a way that few records really get at. The brainy passages behind songs like Without Walls are not to be taken lightly and they often require a few spins to really understand. This is a band with a huge legacy behind them, and so their exotic mastery comes from years of hard work. When you start to really pick apart some of the scales and progressions used in their more epic pieces it simply boggles the mind. The Road of Bones was clearly an immense travail, and that makes it all the more poignant.

Not a lot of bands last thirty three years. Not a lot of bands produce one of their best records yet after thirty three years of being together. IQ does though. IQ have use The Road of Bones to transcend previous work and show us that they've still got it. Mysterious and powerful this is the kind of passionate prog the world needs to save us from the djent debacle. IQ goes beyond, speaking to a common language that we are all in tune with. So let your body be taken over and your hair flow, this is progressive rock at its finest and it will capture your heart.

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